Open House 2020

Every year PMIST conducts science exhibition and competitions for schools and polytechnic college students which is titled as Open House projecting a common theme and is scheduled on 23rd and 24th January, 2020.

The main theme given for this Open House is "Technologies for Modernizing Agriculture, Swachh Bharath Mission, Sustainable Environment, Pollution, Water and Energy". Students are encouraged to participate in various events in this theme that will bring out their inner talents.

Science Exhibits / Models Science Exhibits / Models
Short Film (9th to 12th only) Short Film
Fun Games Poster Presentation
Essay Writing – Tamil* Photography*
Essay Writing – English* Quiz
Photography (9th to 12th only)*  
Spell Bee (6th to 8th only)*  

* Individual Events

Open House has many things to offer:

   1.Students can secure prizes worth of Rs.1,00,000 and learn different life skills here.

   2.Projects exhibited by PMIST students will kindle the younger minds and motivate them for their future.

  3.They may find interest in participating in various events as they strengthen the knowledge of the subject matter.

  4.Students can visit laboratories like       

  • Bosch Rexroth® Automation and Sensorics Labs
  • CNC Machines Lab
  • Bio-Mass Gasifier Plant
  • Bio Methanization Plant

   5.Schools have the opportunity to win Overall Winner Trophy.

   Visitor Entry for Open House is free to all students, teachers and general public.