National Journals

Sl.No Title
1 Architecture Interiors India
2 Architectural Record
3 Architecture A+D Design
4 Architecture Update
5 Art India
6 Domus
7 Home Design & Trends
8 Home Review
9 Indian Architect & Builder
10 Journal of Landscape Architecture
12 MGS Architecture
13 MY Liveable city
14 Inside Out side
15 Architecture Time space & people
Sl.No Category
16 Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications
17 Indian Journal of Aerospace Engineering
18 International Aerospace Review & analysis
19 International Journal of Aerospace & Electronics Systems
20 Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies
21 Research & Reviews: Journal of Space Science & Technology
Sl.No Category
22 Indian Journal of Biotechnology
23 Journal of Genetics
24 Journal of Bioscience
25 Sadhana (Engineering Sciences)
26 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
27 Journal of Chemical sciences
Sl.No Category
28 Bulletin of Materials Science
29 i-managers journal on Civil Engineering
30 International journal of Environment and Development
31 Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) Series-A
32 Journal of Structural Engineering
33 The Indian concrete journal
Sl.No Category
34 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST)
35 Recent Trends in Programming Languages
36 Journal of Advances in Shell Programming
37 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances
38 JJournal of Web Engineering & Technology
39 Asian Journal of Computer Science & Technology(AJCST)
Sl.No Category
40 Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications
41 International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology.
42 International Journal of Electronics Engineering
43 International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing
44 ISST Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
45 The IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Sl.No Category
46 Journal of advancement in robotics
47 Journal of artificial intelligence research and Advances
48 Research and reviews: Journal of physics
49 Journal of power Electronics and power System
50 Journal of Semiconductor devices and circuits
51 Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences
Sl.No Category
52 Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics
53 Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology (AJEAT)
54 IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering
55 JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
56 Global Stochastic Analysis
57 International Review of Fuzzy Mathematics
58 International Review of Pure & Applied Mathematics
Sl.No Category
59 Journal of Computer Science
60 Journal of Analysis and Computation
61 Journal of Advanced Database Management & systems
62 Journal of Advancements in Robotics
63 Journal of Communication Engineering & systems
64 Recent Trends in Parallel Computing
65 Big Data Research
66 Indian Journal of Information Sources and Services(IJISS)
67 ICTACT Journal on Soft computing
Sl.No Category
68 Indian Management
69 International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
70 Harvard Business Review
71 Journal of Management (JOM)
72 Prabandhan : Indian Journal of Management
73 Asian Journal of Managerial Sciences (AJMS)
74 IIMB Management review
75 Abhigyan
76 University News
77 Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research
78 Journal of Entrepreneurship Management
79 International Journal of Economic Research
Sl.No Category
80 Indian Highways
81 Highways Research Journal
82 Journal of the Indian Road Congress
83 Down to Earth
84 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
85 ICTACT Journal on Management Studies
Sl.No Category
86 Journal of Nano Science, Nano Engineering & Applications
87 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
88 International Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry
89 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A
90 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section -B
91 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
Sl.No Category
92 IUP Journal of Telecommunication
93 Current Science
94 Journal for the Education of the GIFTE
95 Journal of community guidance & research
96 CSI Communication
97 CII communique
Sl.No Category
98 ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
99 ICTACT Journal on Microelectronics
100 ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing
101 JP. J. of Algebra, Number Theory & application
102 International Journal of Mathematical Science
103 Akshya Urja
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