Radio Frequency Identification (RFID, this technology is being introduced in our library for smooth functioning of housekeeping operations (such as self check-in/check-out/ physical stock verification etc).
Implementation of RFID
RFID is implemented in the year 2019 by procuring RFID Reader, and Tags (ALN -9662 short Inlay) with our existing library module.
The tags are pasted in the book.
Information like Accession Number is captured in the computer database for easier circulation or inventory.
Every year the library member details are also stored in the computer database RFID Reader.
The reader (RFID Desktop Reader 107) helps to write, read, and removes item related details in RFID Tag.
It is connected to the main computer system of the circulation counter and Library management software.
The use of RFID in circulation reduces the amount of time required to perform circulation operations.
For the users, RFID speeds up the borrowing and return procedures.
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