E-Thesis Submission Guides

Guidelines for writing Ph.D thesis on CD
Guidelines for Submission of Thesis/Dissertation in CD/DVD to Central Library, Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology, Vallam, Thanjavur.
Our Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding under Shodhganga project with UGC-INFLIBNET. Shodhganga is a repository of Indian Electronic Thesis and Dissertations. It requires submission of the thesis online in the Shodhganga repository. The Institute is in the process of facilitating smooth implementation of the project.
All the files in CD shall be in PDF format
There shall be two folder in the CD - The first folders named as “ Thesis as a single file”
and inside this folder, the whole thesis shall be saved as single PDF/word document. The second folder shall be “Thesis as sectioned files” and inside this folder, different section of the thesis shall be saving as separate PDF files as follows.
02_prelim pages (title + declaration + dedication + certificates + acknowledgement + list of table and graphics ect.):
05_chapter 1:
06_chapter 2:
07_chapter 3:
08_chapter 4:
09_chapter 5:
10_ annexures (bibliography + references + questionnaires + maps + publications ect.):
(Note : Add more files as per requirement, follow the thesis files/chapters only)
Admission 2024-25
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