Using the Library

Library Rules and Regulations
No personal books allowed inside the Library.
Readers are advised to sign in the visitors register while visiting the library.
Strict silence to be observed in the library premises.
Scribbling, underlining and tearing of pages of books are strictly prohibited.
Primary sources like Reference books, Project reports, University question papers, News papers are not permitted for lending; photocopies facility in available in the library.
If any member keep the books beyond the permitted number of days Rs.5 per day will be collected as overdue charges.
Readers are requested to check the condition of the issued book. Any damages or missed pages should be reported to the librarian immediately.
Readers are responsible for the borrowed books, if any loss occurs readers should replace a copy of the same book with Rs.100/- as fine. In case of non availability of the book, three times the price of edition latest of the book will be collected.
Photocopying of project reports and thesis are not available.
Library can recall any issued book even before the due date.
Necessary action will be taken by the competent authority against the users who misuse the services, facilities, collection etc.
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