Centre For Students and Administrative Services (CSAS)

Centre For Students and Administrative Services

Students Activities
Faculty Activities
Clubs and Societies
Facilitating the students’ towards personality development, organizing and leadership skills by organizing workshops through clubs and societies.
Addressing the students’ grievances.
Monitoring functions of the students’ clubs and societies.
Conduct of students’ council election in a democratic way each year.
Assistance to get passports for the students.
Committees to ensure ragging free campus.
Bi monthly news bulletin and monthly e-news bulletin.
Coloration with various professional bodies like ISTE, NSSW, INTACH, IEEE, SESI, AeSI, BES, INS, and CSI.
Clubs Socities
1. Athletic Club 1. Dance Society
2. Badminton Club 2. Debating Society
3. Basketball Club 3. Entrepreneurship Society
4. Citizen Consumer Club 4. Foreign Culture Society
5. Drama Club 5. Heritage Society
6. Energy Club 6. Music Society
7. Thinkers Club 7. Tamil Mandram
8. Environment Club 8. Visual Communication Society
9. Football Club 9. Yoga and Meditation Society
10. General Knowledge Club
11. Humanist Club
12. Innovators Club
13. Media Producers Club
14. Painters and Cartoonist Club
15. Transformers Club
16. Photography Club
17. Public Affairs Club
18. Rationalist Club
19. Reformers Club
20. Badminton Club
21. Volley ball Club
22. Writers Club