Research Facilities

PMIST houses a well-equipped Central Instrumentation Centre and Centre of Excellence for promoting and facilitating research. PMIST provides new equipment(s), software, journals and research databases.
The Central Instrumentation Centre at the institute houses the following facilities:
Trinocular Stereo Microscope (Olympus) - Funded by DST
e-Yantra Robotics lab : Established with support of IIT-B
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM - TESCON VEGA): Funded by DST-Nanomission
Raman Spectroscopy: Funded by DST -Nanomission
Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) - Funded by DST
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) - Funded by DBT
Multi Syringe (Electro spinning): - Funded by PMIST
Climatology Research Laboratory (CRL) - Funded by PMIST

Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Automation Technology (CETAT)
This Centre aims at providing hands-on training in Industrial Automation to the students and faculties for upgrading their technical skills, essential for research progress. PMIST has established this Centre with an investment of Rs.1.63 Crores and is supported by BOSCH Rexroth (India), Bengaluru with instruments worth of Rs.3.27 Crores.
The following four laboratories have been set up at the Centre.
Hydraulics laboratory
Pneumatics Laboratory
Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory
Sensorics Laboratory
Using the central instruments facilities, the defence sensitive project of Indian Air Force Station, Thanjavur has been successfully completed based on MoU between the IAF and PMIST on 10th May 2016 with a clause that bulk production shall also be undertaken by the institute. Currently, the tender process for bulk production of this product is under active consideration at Air Headquarter.
Centre of Excellence for Next Generation Networks
PMIST in collaboration with TEJAS Networks, Bengaluru has established a Centre of Excellence for Next Generation Networks in 2013 for inculcating training to students and faculty in Optical Communication and Networking Technologies.
Centre of Energy and Environment
The Centre for Energy and Environment (CEE) in PMIST plays a significant role in facilitating innovative research activities in the area of Energy and Environment. This centre is backed by various renewable energy gadgets such as Biomethanation Plant, Solar energy and Biomass Gasifier Unit.
Veeramani Mohana Centre for Quality of Life Engineering Research (VMCQLER)
This centre is involved in developing rural traditional herbal products with modern scientific approach.
The Journal of Dravidian Studies (JODS)
Rationality, Culture, Civilization, Art, History, Language and Humanities are the facets of the humankind. This Research Journal “Dravida Pozhil” aims to dwell on those domains and enable a deep academic research in those faculties and deliver the benefits of research to all.
Initiatives to promote Research
Provision for Seed Money for initiating basic and fundamental research
Promotion of Interdisciplinary research culture
Appreciation Awards for the faculty excelling in research
Technology Business Incubator for promoting startups and entrepreneurs
Local and need based research
Research incentives for publication and patents
Subscriptions to IEEE journals (online), Proquest (online), etc.,
Free access to Urkund software for Plagiarism checking
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