IPR Cell

IPR Cell

Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science &Technology (PMIST) encourages faculty members and students to file patent and other Intellectual Property Rights. There is a dedicated IPR cell functioning under the supervision of Dean Research. Research outcomes are assessed by a team of faculty members regularly encouraging innovative and potential innovation to file patent. PMIST along with incubates in Periyar Technology Business Incubator (Periyar TBI) has developed a missile simulator for Indian Air Force and filed a patent (this is the first patent for Indian Air Force). There are two success stories that the undergraduate studentsof PMIST have developed innovative products and filed patent along with faculty members. IPR cell also provides ISBN to faculty members and students for their books etc.
Primarily the IPR cell provides the following assistant/services
Creating awareness on IPR through seminar, workshop/WIPO distance learning courses
Facilitating IPR filing process through Patent Attorney
Providing financial assistance for filing patents
Supporting publication of books with ISBN
List of patents/design applications published by faculty members and students
An Electro-Pneumatic Projectile Launching Training System, PCT/IB2018/055242, Wo2019/016671 A1
System and Method for Securing Raw and Analyzed Data, Ref. No. 201741045135 A
Development of diagnostic strip for instantaneous ABO & Rh Blood Grouping, Number: 201741009731 A
Sequential Processing Hexagonal Reactor for Bio-degradable Hospital Waste, Number: No.201941023830 A
Sequential Processing Hexagonal Reactor for Bio-degradable Hospital Waste in India. Number: 307134
Mobile Charger, Number: No. 312860-001
LED Screen, Number: 312872-001
Cleaning Brush, Number: 312861-001
Dustbin, Number: 312868
TV Remote, Number: 312866-001
Television, Number: 312862-001
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