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About the Centre
The prime objectives of the Centre is to disseminate the ideals of Thanthai Periyar – Rationalism, Self-Respect, Women’s Rights, eradication of castes, and to instill a spirit of Scientific Inquiry and Temper among the students and faculty. E.V. Ramasamy popularly known as ‘Thanthai Periyar’, the great revolutionary, throughout his Life fought for the emancipation of the suppressed, oppressed and socially marginalized. He awakened the poor and the gullible against the clutches of obscurantist philosophy and superstition. He waged an ideological war for abolition of untouchability and against social inequality.
Establishment of Centre for Periyar Thought
In this background, the “Centre for Periyar Thought” was established in August 2007, under Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be university) Vallam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.
Aims and objectives
To disseminate the ideologies of Thanthai Periyar among students (Including Engineering, Architecture, Education, Humanities Science and Management)
Globalizing Periyar Thoughts by translating his works from Tamil language in to other Indian languages (Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Odiya and Marathi), and other European languages (German, French, Spanish, Russian) and English
Documentation of speeches and writings of Thanthai Periyar, and collecting and preserving Periyar’s Journals (KudiArasu, Viduthalai, Justice, Revolt, Dravidan, Pagutharivu, Puratchi, Unmai and The Modern Rationalist).
Library Facilities
The Centre has a research library with almost all works of Thanthai Periyar in the form of printed books; both in Tamil, English and other languages. This includes a complete set of volumes of KudiArasu and Periyar Encyclopeedia (Kalanjiyam).
The following Endowment have been instituted under this centre.
Prof.G.V.K.Aasan Endowment has been instituted for special lecture on Thanthai Periyar’s Birthday Celebration (Sep.17)
Dr.Venkata Nagarjuna Babu Endowment has been instituted for special lecture on Thanthai Periyar’s memorial day (Dec -24)
Justice Dr.P.S.Somasundaram Endowment has been instituted for special Lecture on Annai Maniammaiyar Birthday Celebration (March 10)
Periyar Chair
The Alumni of PMIST has instituted a “Periyar Chair” in the year 2015 to carryout the following activities for dissemination of the philosophy of Thanthai Periyar among the youth.
Carrying out Research and publications in Journals
Organsing seminars / workshops/conferences
Bringing out a bilingual journal Dravidar Pozhil from 2021 onwards
Periyar Chair is continuously strengthened by benevolent donors for its activities.
Future plans
Focussing ‘Periyar 1000’ from school level to the University & College Level.
Translating Periyar’s Writings and Speeches into Indian languages and gradually to other foreign languages. The translation works have already been carried out to a certain extent in French, English and in a few Indian languages such as Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi.
Works of Periyar to be digitized as to Periyar “Big Data”.
Introducing electronic media for spreading “Periyarism” - Periyar Quizzter and Periyar 1000 App..
Dispassionate analysis of regional, national and international issues and offering suggestions to the central and state governments
Creating public awareness on academic, social and cultural matters of topical importance. Conducting mock sessions on current affairs and general knowledge.
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Centre for Periyar Thought
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