Centre Of Excellence For Next Generation Networks

Our Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology in collaboration with Tejas Networks, Bengaluru has established Centre of Excellence for Next Generation Networks. It is a high quality test bed type of setup for end to end transport solutions built on optical networking technology.
Tejas Networks is an India-based optical and data networking products company. Tejas designs, develops and sells high-performance and cost-competitive products to telecommunications service providers, Internet Service Providers, utilities, defence and government entities in over 60 countries. Tejas products utilize programmable software-defined hardware architecture with a common software code-base that delivers an app-like ease of development and upgrades of new features and technology standards. Tejas is ranked amongst top-10 suppliers in the global optical aggregation segment.
Next generation network is a telecommunication packet based network that handles multiple type of traffic such as voice, data and multimedia. It is the convergence of service provider network that includes the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the data network (the internet), and in some instance, the wireless network as well. Next generation telecommunication network is aimed for achieving
High speed internet connections
Broad bandwidth over long distance
Immunity to interference
Security in communication
Ease of installation
To be a world class training institute in telecommunication networks, recognized as employment generator through true commitment for quality training and corporate social responsibility.
To make students industry ready by bridging the gap between what a traditional educational institute teaches and what the industry requires.
To provide ecosystem for skill development and quality assurance of personnel in the Telecom sector.
Centre Of Excellence For Next Generation Networks
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