Department of Commerce


Department of commerce established in the year 2013. The scholarly faculty team of Department of Commerce guides students at every step, motivating them to pursue professional courses and prepare for CPT exam during the study period, become worthy managers and administrators in the field. They engage in various forums to constantly upgrade their own skills and to ensure the students are well prepared to succeed.


To create knowledgeable professionals to face global competition and to serve the society for the growth of industry and commerce.


  • To effectively impart commerce education to the students.
  • To undertake consultancy and sponsored research projects with involvement of faculty and students.
  • To develop programmes of contemporary needs and establish global tie up to meet requirements of stakeholders.
  • To enrich the practical knowledge and encourage students to become innovative entrepreneurs for the benefit of society.


  • PEO1 To produce employable graduates in area of business, commerce and allied areas.
  • PEO2 To pursue professional education namely, CA, CMA, CS etc.
  • PEO3 To develop entrepreneurial skills to enable students to be self-employed/entrepreneur.
  • PEO4 To inculcate business ethics and social responsibility.


  • PO1 Knowledge of Business and Commerce
  • PO2 Knowledge and ability to pursue professional programmes, namely, CA, CMA, ACS etc.
  • PO3 Ability to identify problems and collect relevant data
  • PO4 Ability to understand and use modern tools and technologies.
  • PO5 Understanding the impact of commercial activities on environment and sustainability.
  • PO6 Apply ethical principles in business and commerce
  • PO7 Ability to effectively communicate in business environment.
  • PO8 Ability to perform effectively as a leader as well as a member of a team.
  • PO9 Ability to engage in lifelong learning.
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