Department of
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Student Achievements

  • Ms.R.Subaranjana, IV ECE received Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry Section ISTE Best student award 2015.
  • Mr.G.Nishanth Final year ECE student received Best ISTE Student award in 18 th ISTE Tamilnadu Engineering student convention 2018-2019.

Staff Achievements

  • Dr. L.Jayanthi, Mr.R.Rakesh and Ms.C.Narmadha have received Certificate of Appreciation as a team member in the development of Indigenous Missile Simulator Project Pneumatically Operated Electronic Multipurpose Simulator” sponsored by Indian Air Force in 2017.
  • Dr.L.Jayanthi Kesavan, awarded "Shakthi Award- 2019 in recognition of her extraordinary contribution to the society in the field of Engineering and Technology by rRoot Associates, MASAR and DELTA MART ,Thanjavur.
  • ECE Department faculty members Dr. L. Jayanthi., Ms. C. Narmadha., Mr. R. Rakesh, have received the international patent as the inventor of the project “An Electro-Pneumatic Projectile Launching Training System” funded by Indian Air Force, New Delhi in 2019.
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