Department of
Electronics and Communication Engineering


The faculty and students are involved in the following research projects :
Completed Funded Projects:
  • Prototype of IGLA simulator module funded by Indian Air Force Station, Thanjavur.
  • IGLA training module with interactive display system funded by Indian Air Force Station, Thanjavur.
  • Pneumatically Operated Electronic Multipurpose Simulator (POEMS) funded by Indian Air Force Station, Thanjavur.
  • Fabrication and Analysis of Nano Copper coated Wi – Fi Antenna funded by TNSCST.
  • Activated Nano carbon reinforced in textile for indoor air purification funded by TNSCST.
  • Organic Nano Fibrous Band Aid for Wound Healing funded by TNSCST.
Ongoing Projects
  • Autonomous Drone Squad for surveillance and rescue.
  • Design and Implementation of Full Automated Paddy Storage Plant.
Extension Activities :
  • REACH Axshya Project on TB Awareness , 2017.
  • Radio Mathematics PMU – Baseline Study and capacity, 2017.
Consultancy Services
  • Nanomaterial Characterization
  • Surface science
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of materials
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