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1. What are the job opportunities after completing the Degrees in chemistry?
Different types of job opportunities based on the degree level are available in the field of industries, in academics (school to college teacher), production and quality management in Research & Development lab, project assistant, lab technician etc.
2. Is it possible to get chemistry-based government jobs?
Yes. There are several possible scopes for chemistry based government jobs like Government Forensic department, Government oil Sector, Geosciences field, Railways (Metallurgy), Project assistant, food processing unit etc.
3. After B. Sc chemistry what are the scope in higher studies?
After B.Sc. chemistry graduation, you could opt for Post-graduation (M.Sc) specialization in general chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry , M. Phil, Ph. D, Post-doctoral fellow, research scientist in both India & Abroad.
4. What are the other disciplines in higher studies is possible after B. Sc Chemistry?
After B. Sc, it is possible to pursue post-graduation in MBA /MCA / M.Tech (Nanotech/ Material Science/ Environmental science etc) and also opt for B.Ed., B.P.Ed.
5. Am I eligible for General competitive exams in India?
Yes. You are eligible for all competitive exams like TNPSC, UPSC, RRB, Indian Post Recruitment, Bank Exams etc.
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