Department of

Programs Offered

  • B.A. - English
  • B.A - Tamil
  • B.A - JMC
  • M.A.- English
  • M.A - Tamil
  • Ph.D. - English
  • Ability to analyze and understand the basic social, cultural and historical aspects
  • Able to become a highly professional teacher/professor or renowned writer
  • Basic understandings will lead to communicate, organize, make decision, analyze and criticize
  • Understanding the values to contribute more to the society through creative writing and thinking
  • Understand how literature and language go hand in hand in understanding social and cultural context
  • Identify and apply world criticism in literature
  • Communicate effectively (written /oral) and work effectively as an individual or team
  • Understand the impact and ethics of scientific discoveries on influencing society locally and globally
  • Work effectively in bringing multidisciplinary ideas to diverse professional environment
  • Find, collect and assess diverse information - its relevance and reliability
  • Design and perform criticisms and thereby analyze with contemporary situations
  • Use techniques, tools and skills necessary for emerging technology
Our curriculum exemplifies the notion of providing a gateway to reach your career goals. Earlier we were the supporting department catering the students of arts, science and engineering courses with our innovative english language curriculum.
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