Department of


Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1988 and having highly qualified and well – experienced faculty members. The department is carrying out research works in various branches like Algebra,Graph Theory,Number Theory,Fuzzy Sets and Stochastic Processes.


To become a renowned department in inculcating mathematical knowledge to technical, science and commerce students and to train them in applying the mathematical principles to solve the problems related to their area of specialization which in turn will transform the society.


  • To provide the basic and relevant mathematical knowledge to the technical, science and commerce students.
  • To train a group of technical, science and business studies students to develop higher order thinking skills to become life long learners.
  • To collaborate with other departments in establishing centers of excellence in cutting edge and socially relevant mathematics research areas.
  • To train the students to participate in interdisciplinary works and projects.


  • PEO1 To emphasize the Application of Mathematical concepts in Engineering
  • PEO2 To adopt Creative Methodologies in teaching Mathematics.
  • PEO3 To enhance applied research in core areas of Science,Engineering and Technology.


  • PO1 The Graduates will be able to demonstrate competency in Algebra, Analysis, Geometry and other related Mathematical fields.
  • PO2 The Graduates will be able to write and explain mathematical proofs using proper terminology and logical structures.
  • PO3 The Graduates will be able to apply relevant algebraic, geometric and computational methods in problem solving.
  • PO4 The Graduates will be able to formulate mathematical problems and apply mathematical principles in a variety of contexts related to Science, technology, business and industry and illustrate the solutions using symbolic or numeric or graphical methods.
  • PO5The Graduates will be able to produce and deliver effective written and oral presentation of mathematical material and ideas.
  • PO6The Graduates will be able to work effectively as a team as well as individuals.
  • PO7The Graduates will be able to read and understand mathematics research articles published in journals.
  • PO8The Graduates will be able to demonstrate awareness of ethical and environmental issues related to science, research and work.
  • PO9The Graduates will be able to recognize the need for independent and lifelong learning as an important asset and to practice it.