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1. Why I have to study Mathematics at PMIST?
  • The department is the oldest one.
  • The Department has well experienced faculties with Ph.D/SET/NET.
  • The department prepares the students for range of careers in the financial Sector, industry and research etc.
  • As PMIST is a Technical Institution, students will have an exposure in Mathematical application in Engineering and Technology.
2. How does the Mathematics programme at PMIST differ from colleges/universities?
  • Minor courses (Soft skill) and Value added courses are introduced in our curriculum.
  • PG students are motivated to prepare Case study report and to publish Research papers in reputed journals.
  • Students have an opportunity to do the project work outside institutions/industries.
  • PMIST offered open electives are included in the curriculum.
  • Assignment and multiple choice questions are posted in GOOGLE CLASSROOM/ WEBPRESS etc.
3. How often campus recruitment conducted for the students in the department of mathematics?
In collaboration with CUII, the department provides the facility for the students to get the placement.
4. Is the department conducting parents teacher meeting regularly?
Semester wise parent teacher meeting will be organized for the welfare of the students.
5. What are the job opportunities after completing the Degrees in Mathematics?
  • Government and Private Colleges as Assistant professors and in Government and Private schools as PG Asst. and BT.Asst.
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Banking
  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Data Analysis/Operations Analysis/Project Development
  • Military Operations, etc.
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