Department of
Political Science

Programs Offered

  • M.A - Political Science (Integrated)
  • M.A. Periyar Thought (From the academic year 2020 -21 onwards)
  • M.Phil- Political Science
  • Ph.D- Political Science - Part Time / Full Time
  • Ph.D. Periyar Thought
Based on the mission of the department, the programme educational objectives is formulated as
  • Graduate will be successfully employed in Central and State Administration.
  • Graduates will pursue professional education.
  • Graduates in cover elections, conducting interviews or attend press conferences.
  • Graduates will be ethical and honest in their career and also a good citizen of India.
At the time of graduation, competency of the student is measured through the attainment of programme outcomes. The quantification of programme outcomes attainment is measured through the assessment of established course outcomes for each subject.
  • M.A., graduates should be able to demonstrate a scholarly attitude to knowledge and understanding within the context of a rapidly changing environment. They should have the ability to actively engage in the generation of innovative and relevant knowledge and understanding through involves the study of government, non-governmental systems and operations. They should be able to apply their knowledge commands an arsenal skills knowledge and experience that can be good use at all levels in a complex government.
  • Political science is a rewarding field to communicate with others. The role of political scientists studies the relations between the India and other countries. India & UNO, the institutions and political life of nations, and the decisions of the high court & the supreme court. Studying topics such as public opinion, political decision making and ideology. Political Science students became good citizen of India and social service minded persons. Political Science majors acquire skills in data analysis and computer usage to hold a higher position in administration. Political science and social sciences to the problems at hand.
  • M.A., graduates should have ability to apply knowledge preparing reports and documents. Advisors to the constitutional posts as the President, the Governor. Political decision-making ideology and public policy.
  • M.A., graduates should have ability to apply knowledge preparing reports and documents. Advisors to the constitutional posts as the President, the Governor. Political decision-making ideology and public policy.
  • Political Science students who can use their basic political training to make more informed policy decisions and administer programs more effectively and more imaginatively.
  • Political science graduates should be aware of environmentally and socially active: Should be critical and responsible members of local, national, international and professional communities. They should acquire a knowledge of environmental issues relating to their disciplines and enrich the environmental sustainability.
  • M.A., graduates should not have the partisan attitude apply ethical principles in administrative work profession in an appreciation of the historical and contemporary interface between non-Indigenous and Indigenous cultures in India and the ability to apply that to practice Knowledge of the administrative area.
  • Many graduates of Political science programs choose to become involved in print, television, or radio journalism, when they apply their expert understanding of political systems to create reports about consent events might cover elections, conduct interviews or attend Press conference.
  • M.A., graduates should nurture the habit of leadership quality. Team work spirit is the need of the hour.
  • M.A., graduates should have Ability to engage in lifelong learning and Understanding of the value of social service. Their work is social centric. So, they should have broader vision and mission about the society.
The Political Science curriculum is drawn to define the role of Political Science Student to meet the global challenges. In addition to their competencies, students must possess engagement skills, sustained learning and adapting, leadership, teamwork with good command in the communication skills.
The faculty members have been allotted for developing the courses and its outcomes as given below. They in turn conducted frequent discussions with each other and with students in drafting the course content.
The curriculum development is ensured that students receive integrated, coherent learning experiences that contribute towards their personal, academic and professional learning and development.
Courses and topics were designed and developed within a framework which comprises a specified curriculum, specified assessment arrangements, and clearly identified educational aims and learning outcomes.
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