Department of
Computer Science and Engineering

Awards/ Honours / Achievements


  • Dr.M.Sharmila Begum, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering received Best Researcher Award provided by organization of Science & Innovative Engineering and Technology (OSIET) organized by Shri Padmavathi Engineering College, Chennai on June 2022.
  • Dr.A.E.Narayanan, Associate Professor received Chancellor Award 2023 in Annual day on March 2023
  • Dr.R.Poonguzhali Associate Professor received “Bharat Ratna Dr.Radhakrishnan Gold Medal Award” for outstanding individual achievement in the field of education in 73 rd National Unity Conference Organized by Global Economic progress and Research Association, Chennai on Feb 2022
  • Dr. P. Ilangovan Assistant Professor (SS) received Chancellor Award 2023 in Annual day on March 2022


  • Mr.S.Harshwardhan of batch 2021-25 received First Position in District Open Junior Athletic Meet 2021 - in 110 m Hurdles.
  • Mr.A.Kathereswaran of batch 2020-24received Little England 2 nd International Fide Rating below 1600 Chess Tournament and scored 14 th place in merit list.
  • Ms.Mukta Bhadouria cleared NCC ‘B’ certificate organized by Ministry of Defense,Government of India in December 2022.
  • Ms. S.Deepika, of batch 2018-22 received SAKTHI AWARD on International Women’s day organized by JCI Thanjavur Eves Capital on 08.03.2022 .
  • Mr. Mohammed Anies, Mr.S.Vignesh, of Batch 2017-21 received BEST PAPER AWARD for the paper titled “Seasonal Food Recommendation framework using Machine Learning and Matching Algorithm”in the National Conference on Intelligent Computing and Automation organized by Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology on April2021.
  • P.Shanthini of batch 2018-22 presented and won III prize in paper presentation in National level Virtual symposium on June 2021
  • R.Karan of batch 2019-23 won Direct Entry contest in Internshala Student partner on November 2021
  • Ms.Kavimuhil, of batch 2017-21 participated in NCC CATC – RD Parade on 26 January at Rajpath, New Delhi.


  • K.Suresh Arunachalam of batch : 2015-2019 and T.Devendran 2016- 2020 participated in Scalar Events “Chennai Hacks” on 26 th and 27 th March 2022- 24 Hours Coding Contest and won Third Prize and 70K Scholarship among 800+ Registration.
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