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Computer Science and Engineering


1. Why should I choose Computer Science Engineering?
Computer Science is a rapidly growing field that develops the basic knowledge and skills for today’s world. There are 2.4 million job openings in computer science and engineering before 2025 for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). So you also can be one along with them!
2. Is previous experience in programming required to pursue a major in CSE?
Many of our undergraduate students are pursuing B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering in PMIST tell us that they came to the CSE department with no programming experience. PMIST students are hardworking, and can readily become experts in writing codes and build software under the guidance of the Industry and academic experienced faculty members.
3. What are the career opportunities for Computer Science majors?
Career opportunities for Computer Science graduates are limitless. The rapid growth in technology-based jobs in all industries has created a need for technologically skilled professionals. Virtually every industry applies Computer Science professionals in a variety of ways – from computerized control of hazardous and remote environments to payroll processing in traditional industries. Industry, government and businesses seeking graduates in a wide variety of areas including software systems design, internet computing and networking, regularly recruit our graduates.
4. Do undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research?
Yes. Many undergraduate students participate in research with our faculty members for their personal growth. The department also motivates the students to participate in other activities outside the classroom. This includes attending conferences and publishing papers in reputed journals, Industrial visits and Internships.
5. What are the best practices in your CSE department?
The Department of CSE is a unique department in the university which takes parental care on the professional growth of the students. The department follows best practices for the development of students :
  • Collaboration with TCS ion for Value added Course
  • Earn while Learn scheme.
  • ICT enabled teaching learning methodology
  • Internship and In plant training in Industry environment
  • Seminars, Guest lectures and workshops by Industry and Academic experts.
  • Coaching and guiding the students for GATE and other competitive examinations.
  • Working for the projects related to real time problems in the society.
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