Department of
Aerospace Engineering

Programs Offered

  • B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering (4 years) - Full Time
  • B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering (3 years) - Lateral entry - Full Time
  • B.Tech. (Hons.) - Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Program Overview
  • It has two major and overlapping branches; Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.
  • It is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of Aircrafts and Spacecrafts.
  • It includes the design, construction, testing and maintenance of Aerospace components.
  • This discipline interacts between Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Structural Analysis, Avionics and Space mechanics.
  • Role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in aviation and defense sector is inevitable
  • Emerging technology for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Colossal job opportunities are available globally
  • Provide education in Aerospace Engineering with International standards.
  • Promote skills in Aerospace Engineering and interdisciplinary subjects.
  • Develop the competency as per the requirement of reputed organizations.
  • Create research and development activities through projects.
  • Stimulate adaptability in the Nation development through imparting knowledge and skill.
  • Apply the basic concepts of mathematics, science and Engineering in both Aerospace and other disciplines wherever it is required.
  • Proficient to analyze both technical and non-technical problems in different perspective with full concentration and effort.
  • Design and develop creative smart solutions for various applications.
  • Investigate the situation and act accordingly to solve the complex & real time Engineering problems.
  • Utilize the most advanced modeling and Analysis software to design and Analyze fluid, structural, thermal, magnetic and aerospace related problems, which would save money, man power and time.
  • Undertaking research projects by applying structural, material,propulsion and aerodynamic knowledge which would be practically useful for the societal needs.
  • Apply Engineering knowledge to develop innovative concepts for the business sustainability without exploiting the nature and the environment.
  • Show Professional ethics & responsibility in profession without any compromise in the rules & practices of working environment.
  • Capable to work as individual and as a team wherever it is required and depending upon the situation to expose their skill & knowledge in the competitive world.
  • Communicate effectively with international clients as user friendly and able to prepare and maintain records, files & documents upto the industry needs.
  • Manage finance, variable technical and non technical projects in different working environment.
  • Engage in lifelong learning for the self improvement for the survival of the fittest.
  • Apply automation and control techniques for aerospace applications
  • Analyze and apply aerodynamics and propulsion related aspects in Aerospace Engineering.
The curriculum and syllabus for Aerospace Department were made based on the outcome based education and guidelines. The syllabus was framed to help the students to apply their knowledge in various areas of Aerospace engineering in higher studies, Research, Designing, Manufacturing etc.,
Admission 2024-25
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