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Social Work


1. Is Social Work a good career choice?
According to Forbes Magazine, Social work supervisors rank seventh on the list of most meaningful occupations. Pursuing this career path can provide added job satisfaction and a sense of purpose for social workers while allowing them to do the most good for their clients and for their communities.
2. What is the qualification for MSW?
The eligibility of Social Work Master's Degree Programs is Bachelor of Social Work degree from a recognized Institute. Candidates who have a Bachelor's degree in Humanities/Social Science/Science/Commerce or Management subjects are also eligible.
3. Are Social Workers in demand?
Increased demand for healthcare and social services will drive demand for social workers, but growth will vary by specialization.
4. What is the job outlook for social workers?
Top job opportunities in Government side Industrial Health and Safety officer, Child Protection officer, Project Director, Probationary officer in Prison. In other side, Labour Welfare Officer/HR Manager, Mental Health Social Worker/ Palliative and Hospice care Social Worker, Direct service Social Worker(Entrepreneur), School Social Worker.
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