Department of

Computer Science and Applications

Department of Computer Science and Applications


The programme aim at producing high quality software professionals for industry through sound theoretical and practical training.

The Department today stands out as a beacon to all, in the field of Computer education and the seed that was planted sixteen years back is now a path leader. It is with great satisfaction that the department looks back to the tireless struggle of the past and to the many peaks to be conquered in the future.

The Department provides the right ambience and infrastructure for those interested in pursuing their interest in Computers and related fields.


To be a leading, contemporary, innovative Computer Science and Applications department in inculcating professional competencies in the field of Computing and related interdisciplinary technologies to achieve academic excellence and to facilitate research activities as a timely response to dynamic needs and challenges of industry and society.


  • Imparting quality education in the field of Computing Sciences and Applications and generate successful computing professional
  • Encouraging students to collaborate with industry environment and analyze the real world problems culminating in efficient solutions.
  • Transforming students into computing professionals and entrepreneurs by imparting quality training and hands on experience with latest tools and technologies.
  • Inculcating value based and ethical commitment for bringing out successful professionals.


  • PEO1 The graduate will apply the fundamental concepts of computing technologies in the industry related emerging application areas.
  • PEO2 The graduate will be able to analyze requirement, design and implement solution for a computing Applications.
  • PEO3 The graduate of the programme will serve as a successful computing professional and researcher by practicing modern tools and technologies.
  • PEO4 The graduate will be able to excel in leadership, management, communication and decision making skill to become a successful professional and entrepreneur
  • PEO5 The graduate will be able to practice professional ethics, pursue higher studies in computing and to work in the fields of teaching and research.


  • PO1To apply fundamental knowledge of Mathematics and Principles of Computing technologies in the field of computing sciences and application areas
  • PO2To analyze and apply Programming principles, and computer science theory in design and development of solution.
  • PO3To design algorithms, conduct experiments and interpret result to provide valid solutions for computing environment.
  • PO4To investigate research related issues and apply modern application tool, and appropriate paradigm for the construction of software system.
  • PO5Ability to Communicate effectively with the computing community about requirements and able to present the result clearly.
  • PO6Ability to work with technical, management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills so as to deliver effective product within a time constraints
  • PO7Ability to apply knowledge of professional, ethical, and security issues involving in creating software and maintaining it.
  • PO8Ability to express enthusiasm for self-improvement through continuous professional development and life-long learning.


  • PSO1 Web Application Development: Analyze the environment of web based application requirement and produce the interactive web site.
  • PSO2 Structured Software Development Methodologies: Apply structured methods and tools to develop effective software with necessary documents.
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