National Cyber Defense Resource Centre (NCDRC)

National Cyber Defence Resource Centre (NCDRC) of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards(NCSSS), a Self Governed Body is established in Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology on 6th January 2022, following the nomination of NCSSS. The centre has the vision to become an Outstanding Nodal Centre for Cyber Security Research, Training and Awareness. The multi-dimensional structure of technology in the Cyber space poses a great challenge in handling the complex problems in the cyber domain. This centre is doing contemporary research in Cyber Security and Threats, Upskilling Trainings, and Disseminating the knowledge to society to achieve the vision. It works to create and sustain an safe cyber environment conducive to the development of Industry, Institutions & Individuals through advisory and consultative processes. NCDRC is working with Government/Industry on Cyber Security Policy issues, interacting with thought leaders, and enhancing the cyber safety and security to protect organization’s critical infrastructure.
Create awareness among the stakeholders on Cyber Security and Safety.
Organize workshops, training programmes, seminars, conferences and certifications on Cyber Security to enrich Cyber security Conscious and knowledge.
Do study and analyze typical cases in computer, mobile and network.
Design and develop digital solutions, architecture and prototype.
Evolve as a collaborative research centre for institute and industry.
Admission 2024-25
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