Department of

Computer Science and Applications

Department of Computer Science and Applications


  • M.C.A. (Regular – 3 years)
  • M.C.A. (Lateral – 2 years)
  • M.Phil (Computer Science)
  • B.C.A
  • Ph.D. (Part Time & Full Time)

PEO's,PO's & PSO's

    M.C.A. (Regular – 3 years)


    • PEO1 The graduate will apply the fundamental concepts of computing technologies in the industry related emerging application areas.
    • PEO2 The graduate will be able to analyze requirement, design and implement solution for a computing Applications.
    • PEO3 The graduate of the programme will serve as a successful computing professional and researcher by practicing modern tools and technologies.
    • PEO4 The graduate will be able to excel in leadership, management, communication and decision making skill to become a successful professional and entrepreneur
    • PEO5 The graduate will be able to practice professional ethics, pursue higher studies in computing and to work in the fields of teaching and research.


    • PO1To apply fundamental knowledge of Mathematics and Principles of Computing technologies in the field of computing sciences and application areas
    • PO2To analyze and apply Programming principles, and computer science theory in design and development of solution.
    • PO3To design algorithms, conduct experiments and interpret result to provide valid solutions for computing environment.
    • PO4To investigate research related issues and apply modern application tool, and appropriate paradigm for the construction of software system.
    • PO5Ability to Communicate effectively with the computing community about requirements and able to present the result clearly.
    • PO6Ability to work with technical, management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills so as to deliver effective product within a time constraints
    • PO7Ability to apply knowledge of professional, ethical, and security issues involving in creating software and maintaining it.
    • PO8Ability to express enthusiasm for self-improvement through continuous professional development and life-long learning.


    • PSO1 Web Application Development: Analyze the environment of web based application requirement and produce the interactive web site.
    • PSO2 Structured Software Development Methodologies: Apply structured methods and tools to develop effective software with necessary documents.

    M.C.A. (Lateral – 2 years)

    M.Phil (Computer Science)


    Ph.D. (Part Time & Full Time)