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The physics department was established in the year 1988. The department is having highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members. The department is carrying out various research works in the fields of Thin films, Solar thermal energy, Crystal growth, Single crystal XRD studies, Membrane technology and Condensed matter physics.

The department is offering B.Sc. Physics, M.Sc.-Physics, M.Phil. as regular programmes and Ph.D. as full/part time programme. The department is having a well-equipped laboratory, which fulfills the need of B.Tech, B.Sc. Physics and M.Sc Physics students, M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars.


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Welcome to the Department of Physics. We started our journey in the year of 1988 as supporting department for Engineering branches and developed to offer B.Sc. Physics and M.Sc.Physics from 2015 onwards. It drives me with a tremendous amount of happiness to put forth the activities of our department. The research work of the Department is contributing strongly in the area of Thin film, Crystal growth, Solar thermal energy, RF MEMS, Condensed matter physics and Membrane technology. The Department has well-educated, motivated and dedicated faculty members and well equipped laboratories. In order to motivate the students, the department organizes regular industrial visits , field visits , workshops, seminars , conferences and science exhibition to enrich their knowledge, Faculty visit to leading universities , research laboratories and attend training programs to upgrade themselves.

I congratulate the faculty members and the students for their sincere innovative efforts, achievements and contributions to our department. Let us all grow together to continue our duty with full energy so that our department will continue to grow to greater heights in the years to come. Let me take this opportunity to thank and wish you all a great success.

Thanks for the privilege

Dr. K. Kesavan


Physics is a doorway to some of the most beautiful and profound phenomena in the universe. It is a driver of lifestyle-changing technology, e.g. engines, electricity, and transistors. It’s a powerful way of perceiving and analysing problems that can be applied in various domains, both within and outside standard physics. With all of this in mind, the Department of physics was established in the year 1988 as supporting department for engineering branches. Later the department started to run undergraduate and post graduate programmes in physics from the year 2015 and carries out research in several areas by offering M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes.

Scope of Physics

Physics is one of the oldest disciplines of science and offers vast career opportunities to the aspirants. Benefits of choosing Physics after 12th range from a good salary package to amazing career growth as one gains relevant knowledge and experience. After completing B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physics, various opportunities are available for the candidates. Either, they can opt for higher education (Ph.D.) or they can go for a job in the relevant fields like BARC, ISRO, DRDO and other many well-established research centres in India as well as abroad.



  • The department has been contributing towards active research in various fields in Physics such as Solar thermal energy, Thin film, Crystal growth, RF MEMS, membrane technology and condensed matter physics.


  • Separate thin film and solar thermal research laboratory.
  • Well established and spacious laboratories.


  • Hands on training to operate solar vacuum tube collector and for Fabricating thin films using coating unit.
  • Implant training is given with collaborated industries and institutions.


  • Facilities available for research of Solar vacuum collector unit, Spray pyrolysis unit, Scanning electron microscope, Thermal gravimetric analysis, Raman spectroscopy, Four probe method, UV-Vis spectrometer, and Atomic force microscope.

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