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1. What is M.Sc. (Software Engineering) Programme?
M.Sc. (Software Engineering) is a five year integrated programme associated with development of software product using well-defined scientific principles, methods and procedures. The outcome of software engineering is an efficient and reliable software product which involves Requirements, System Analysis, System Design, Coding, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.
2. What is B.Sc. (Animation and Multimedia) programme?
CB.Sc. Animation and Multimedia is a three year undergraduate programme. The Program helps to produce full-fledged animation professionals with the skills & confidence to build a rewarding career in the field.
3. What is B.Sc. (Computer Science) programme?
B.Sc. Computer Science is a three year undergraduate programme which deals with courses and topics related to computer application and services.Technological implementation of computer systems is the main agenda of the program.
4. What will I learn in the M.Sc. (Software Engineering)programme?
Software Engineering requires a comprehensive technical skill set and knowledge base that ranges from understanding software requirements to software engineering management.
  • Software Requirements
  • Software Engineering Tools
  • Software Development Process
  • Software Testing
  • Software Design
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Quality
  • Software Development
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software Engineering Management
5. What will I learn in the B.Sc. (Animation and Multimedia) programme?
The course imparts knowledge and the right skills in multimedia and animation disciplines that leads to a successful career in the designing and animation field. There is no Movie, TV serial or advertisement without VFX/Animation.The students will get the skill set and knowledge base that ranges from Free Hand Drawing to 3D Modelling.
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Digital Arts
  • Visual Design
  • Claymation
  • Cinematography
  • Television Production
  • Story Board Writing
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Film Making
  • Game Design
6. What will I learn in the B.Sc. (Computer Science)programme?
B.Sc. Computer Science is the study of principles and fundamentals of computers, where latest technologies and trends are the most important topics. The course empowers students to deal with the technical issues with authorized knowledge of Software, databases and analytical skills.
7. What are the scope of M.Sc. (Software Engineering) in India and Abroad?
  • Software Engineering is one of the top recruiters in India and Abroad.
  • There are huge scope for Software Engineering students due to the fast growing of IT industries. Ample career options are available in the field of software engineering.
  • Plenty of jobs are available in software companies for software engineers. There is also a need for software engineers in the public sector.
  • After gaining good experience one can start their own software firm.
  • Software engineers can also choose their profession in teaching.
  • Software Engineers can also work in Public & private sector banks, schools and colleges & financial institutions.
  • As a Software Engineer, one can also run consultancy to develop & repair software as per the requirements of the clients.
8. What are the scope of B.Sc (Animation And Multimedia) in India and Abroad?
Animation itself is an industry, which is rapidly growing. There is a great scope in the field of animation.
  • Big international studios and companies like Sony Pictures, Turner Entertainment and Walt Disney are off shoring the development of animation content to India, and, already, Indian animation studies and production houses are jam packed with work, be it outsourced from abroad or in-house projects.
  • Therefore, there is a talent crunch in this industry and people are required to fill up these vacancies.
  • Opportunities exist both with the government as well as private sector enterprises.
9. What are the scope of B.Sc (Computer Science)in India and Abroad ?
  • Computers are going to replace / augment stock brokers, traders, doctors by automating mundane jobs and give humans a better time to think and achieve activities of higher calling - things. B.Sc in computer science would help land on a job for these huge software giants.
  • Computer Science graduates have scope in Companies and Government sectors.
  • After the graduation one can attend competitive exams right from UPSC , SSC , IBPS exams.
  • They can also pursue MSC or MCA after completing BSC.
10. What are the job opportunities for M.Sc(Software engineering)?
Reputed companies that recruits software engineers are:
Infosys , Accenture, TCS, Persistent, Cognizant, IBM, Symantec,Microsoft, Fiserv,Google,Oracle, Wipro Ltd,HCLInfosystemsLtd,TataInfotech Ltd, DELL.
11. What are the job opportunities for B.Sc (Animation and Multimedia)?
B.Sc.(Animation and Multimedia) course is an art form and a very demanding career which has plenty of opportunities for the creatively talented people. It is a course through which students can find job opportunities in TV Channels like VIJAY TV, SUN TV, Polimer TV, Advertising Agencies, Media Agencies, Video Gaming Industries etc. They can find job profiles like Animator, Editor, Game Developer, Sound Engineer and Graphic Designer, etc.
12. What are the job opportunities for B.Sc( Computer Science)?
Students will usually go immediately for higher education after B.Sc, but jobs do exist. They can take on positions as Software Professionals, Applications Developer, Data analyst, Database Administrator, Information Systems manager, System Administrator and Network Administrator, etc. by taking additional training in the specific domain.
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