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Social Work plays a significant role in promoting socio economic standards by sustainable development in rural areas through Academic, Outreach and Research.


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In the country with more than 110 crore of population with different ethnicity, culture, integration of various beliefs and practices hop to exist with various Socio-Economic issues and problems. There are very many programmes and welfare schemes that have been introduced to address the existing and emerging issues which have succeeded, likewise few have faced failures to attain the goals too. But each has intervened as Individual or Group or as Community problems with a goal to ensure the well-being of every individual.

Social work is people oriented hands-on profession that strives to help Individuals and families deal with their different problems. It seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and brings system wide change through the pursuit of social justice. Social work’s role is to help build up skills and support systems that emphasizes on strengths-based approach in which all individuals have strengths and resources . Social workers help their clients to cope with problems such as mental illness, disability, poverty, unemployment, abuses, addictions, educational challenges etc by providing counseling, case management services, connecting with resources, utilizing available resources and other services to enhance, empower leading clients to meet their own needs.

Thus the Post Graduate programme in Social Work carves the young professionals in brining Social Change that leads to the wellbeing of every individuals. Further the M.Phil and Ph.D programmes pave way for deeper understanding of the issues and enables the researchers to suggest suitable measures to address the issues and bring recommendations to various stakeholders and policy makers.

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